Privacy Statement

ALP ecology s.r.o., registered address Zborovská 1910/4, 702 00 Moravská Ostrava, ID: 25839764, entered in the Commercial Register of the Regional Court in Ostrava, Section C, File 20943 (“ALP ecology”) value your trust and puts great emphasis on protecting your data, including your personal data, when processing it. ALP ecology processes all personal data in accordance with only the General Data Protection Regulation.

The purpose of this policy is to inform you about the processing of your personal data that happens in connection with your visit to the websites of ALP ecology (, as well as certain other cases of processing personal data that happen when the personal data of other persons (for example, customers in shops, journalists, etc.) is processed as part of ALP ecology activities.

1) Processing logs

1.1 ALP ecology processes access logs to the websites of the company in order to protect their legitimate interests, which consist of ensuring the websites are safeguarded and to improve their functions.

1.2 These logs are then processed without the consent of the website visitor.

1.3 ALP ecology will process these logs alone or entrust them to a third party.
As part of processing these logs, ALP ecology also process the following data, which may (or may not) include the personal data of website visitors:

(1) The website from which the visitor visits ALP ecology websites;
(2) IP address;
(3) Date of access and time of access;
(4) Any questions of the visitor;
(5) HTTP response code;
(6) The transmitted data groups;
(7) Data about the browser and operating system of the computer of the website visitor.

2) The processing of personal data in connection with handling suggestions, questions, complaints and post-marketing studies

2.1 ALP ecology value their customers and therefore operate a customer support network. Customers and other persons can use this support to turn to ALP ecology or contracted distributors in individual regions with their questions and requests, by phone, email or sending a registered letter through a postal operator.

2.2 For answering questions and handling requests addressed to ALP ecology, ALP ecology will process the personal data provided by the person asking the question or making the request. The personal data provided in this manner will be processed by ALP ecology only to the necessary extent (provided) and only until the question or request has been handled, unless the need arises to process the personal data for other purposes (for example, to protect the rights and legitimate interests of ALP ecology). This personal data is voluntarily provided to ALP ecology or a contracted distributor in individual regions, since ALP ecology or the contracted distributor in individual regions would be unable to handle questions or requests without having knowledge of this data, and therefore this process is done without consent.

2.3 If a complaint about a product is made through the customer support network of ALP ecology (by phone, email, post), ALP ecology or the contracted distributors in individual regions shall process this personal data also for the purpose of handling the complaint. The legal basis for processing this personal data is the fulfillment of the contractual and legal obligations of ALP ecology, and therefore it involves processing personal data that does not require the consent of the person making the complaint. ALP ecology processes personal data in connection with handling the complaint also for the purposes of protecting their rights and interests protected by law in case of a possible dispute arising from the complaint. Not even in this case is the consent of the visitor required. The time, extent and other aspects of processing personal data for the purposes of handling complaints are based on the obligations of ALP ecology to handle complaints.

2.4 The processing of personal data provided will be carried out by ALP ecology alone or through an entrusted third-party, especially the contracted distributor in the region and also the provider of the web interface. Should it be appropriate or necessary, ALP ecology is authorized to transmit processed personal data to their suppliers and producers for processing and handling questions, requests or complaints. The specific supplier or producer to whom ALP ecology may transmit this personal data is always determined by the product about which the complaint is made or to which the inquiry relates. Information on specific suppliers or producers to whom the personal data can be provided can be obtained in an inquiry addressed to ALP ecology via the email address

3) Use of cookies and website analysis

3.1 In order to improve the operation of their websites and to evaluate their traffic and optimize their marketing activities, ALP ecology uses cookies on their websites. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer through your browser and are used to display the website.

3.2 Cookies are not for nor do they enable the identification of the users of the website.

3.3 If the website visitor does not agree to the collection of cookies, this collection can be prevented by changing the settings of your browser. You can find information about setting the preferences for cookies on the following websites or in other documentation of the web browsers:

Explorer browser
Mozilla browser
Chrome browser
– For another browser: you will find instructions for deactivating and removing cookies in the Help section for that browser or else contact the producer of the browser.

Google Analytics and Google Adwords

3.4 For analyzing websites with cookies, ALP ecology uses the services of Google Analytics, developed and operated by Google Inc., Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”). In the event of the anonymisation of the IP of these websites, the IP addresses in certain member states of the EU or European Economic Area are truncated by Google prior to the transfer of the data to the Google server. Only in exceptional cases is the full IP address transferred to the Google server in the USA and truncated before then (anonymously).

3.5 A Google Analytics analysis means information about the use of the website generated through the collection of cookies is transferred to the Google server in the USA and then subjected to an appropriate analysis there.

3.6 Google will not link transferred data, including truncated IP addresses, to other data. Read the Google Privacy Policy here.

3.7 The visitor to the website can prevent the collection of cookies and their analysis using Google Analytics either by changing the browser settings, as mentioned above, and then clicking on the following link. This will install the opt-out cookie on the computer to prevent the future storage of data from visiting the website.

3.8 Within Google Analytics, ALP ecology uses related advertising functions provided by Google, such as surveys shown in the Google advertising network, the enhanced reporting of anonymous demographic data (e.g. age, gender, interests) or showing ads on the content network based on the products viewed (i.e. remarketing), including Google AdWords, which is used to personalize ads and improve the targeting of ads and remarketing. This makes it possible to offer advertising content to visitors of their websites that could be the most interesting for them.

3.9 The visitor to the ALP ecology website can disable or modify the personalization of ads by using their Google account with the link available here.

4) Other rights related to the protection of personal data

4.1 In the event ALP ecology processes the personal data of visitors to their websites, of callers to their customer service line, customers or other persons in accordance with this policy, each of them has the right to:

i) access their personal data consisting of the right to obtain, on demand and free of charge, information about what personal data of theirs ALP ecology processes,
ii) correct their processed personal data;
iii) have their processed personal data deleted;
iv)restrict the processing of their personal data;
v) the transferability of their personal data;
vi) revoke their consent to the processing of their personal data, unless their consent forms the legal basis for the appropriate processing of their personal data (i.e. for sending a newsletter and other promotional messages).

4.2 Data subjects whose personal data is processed by ALP ecology also have the right, in fulfilling the prerequisites laid down by law, to object to their personal data being processed if the legal basis for such processing is the legitimate interests of ALP ecology (i.e. in the event of processing such personal data for internal administrative purposes or for protection against possible lawsuits).

4.3 Data subjects whose personal data is processed by ALP ecology may exercise the above rights, as well as complaints, in writing or by email to ALP ecology, as the administrator of their personal data, to the contact details provided below in article 5.

4.4 Users and other persons whose personal data is processed by ALP ecology may also adress their complaints to the supervisory authority, which is the Office for Personal Data Protection, address Pplk. Sochova 27, 170 00 Prague 7, phone: 234 665 111, website:

5) Contact details of the administrator of personal data and the Data Protection Officer

5.1 The administrator of personal data processed in accordance with this privacy policy is the limited company:

ALP ecology
ID: 25839764
Address: Zborovská 1910/4, Moravská Ostrava, Postal Code 702 00
Entry in C.Reg: Regional Court in Ostrava, Section C, File 20943
Phone: 596 636 107

5.2 ALP ecology has established the position of Data Protection Officer, whom data subjects may turn to with their questions, suggestions, or for exercising their rights, by using this special email address

This Privacy Policy is effective and in force from as of May 25, 2018.